Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen

Peter spent the years 1977-1979 in North-East Greenland as a member of the celebrated Danish SIRIUS dog sledge patrol, a special task force of the Royal Danish Navy. The primary task of SIRIUS is to maintain the Danish / Greenlandic sovereignty in the most remote part of Greenland. This is the large, uninhabited coastal area between Qaanaaq (Thule) in North-West Greenland and Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund) in East Greenland. The patrolling is still today done by means of dogs and sledges. An adventurous job!

In 1992 Peter was co-founder of the North-East Greenland Company NANOK. Since 1999 he has been the managing director of NANOK.

In all he has lived more than 4 years in North- and North-East Greenland and travelled thousands of kilometres along its coast by dog sledge, kayak and small boats. Since the middle of the 1980s he has held various management positions in leading Danish industrial companies. Beside these full-time occupations, Peter is a writer, lecturer and author of several books about Greenland. He visits North-East Greenland regularly, as expedition leader. He is member of Norsk Polarklubb (N), The Arctic Club (UK) and The Scottish Arctic Club (UK), and a fellow of The Royal Geographical Society (UK) and The Explorers Club® (US). 

From 2009 to 2014 Peter was deputy manager at Greenland Climate Research Centre in Nuuk. Since 2015 he is an independent consultant, affilated to Arctic Research Centre (ARC) at Aarhus University, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) in Nuuk, Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) at University of Manitoba, and Arctic Science Partnership (ASP). He is lead coordinator of Isaaffik Arctic Gateway. Link to Peters CV: Curriculum Vitae.