Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen: TWIN OTTER – flyvning og rejser i Grønland (2006)

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[SH] ISBN: 87-11-11845-8

There are no roads in "The Land of the Human Beings", Kalaallit
Nunaat – in English, Greenland. The geographic and demographic situation
makes it unrealistic to connect the cities and regions of Greenland by
traditional road systems. Without air transport and without the little
rugged Twin Otter plane large areas of Greenland would be cut off from
the rest of the world.

This book is not just about Twin Otters from Greenland, Iceland,
and Canada – and about their importance for Greenland through the last
30 years. It is also a book about, how travels have taken place in
Greenland since the earliest days, and how aviation has developed from
the first pioneers until recent time. Furthermore the author raises some
questions and proposals regarding aviation in the future Greenland .
Finally the book includes a comprehensive index, and different registers
over Twin Otters, pilots, mechanics, other types of planes, etc.

Published by Aschehoug Dansk Forlag A/S, Copenhagen 2006. 336 pages. Hardcover 195 x 250 mm. Language: Danish. More than 300 photos, maps & illustrations. ISBN: 87-11-11845-8.

Pris: 390,00 DKK